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Policies and Fees

The following are the annual administrative services fees for our donor-advised funds:

0.60% on first $500,000 of market value

0.30% on the next $500,000

0.20% on the next $1,500,000

0.15% on the next $2,500,000

0.13% on the next $5,000,000

0.12% on the next $10,000,000

0.10% on amounts in excess of $20,000,000

Fees are prorated and billed quarterly. If the account has a positive balance at any time during the quarter, it will be subject to a minimum quarterly fee of $250.

There are additional fees for investment management services that vary based on the financial advisory firm that is selected and the underlying investments utilized. 

This fee schedule is for our standard donor-advised fund program. There is a separate schedule for custom donor-advised funds.

For information on Fiduciary Trust Charitable' s Policy Guidelines, please click here

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