Fiduciary Trust Charitable is an independent, public charity that offers flexible, advisor-managed donor-advised funds to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals.  In serving individuals and families, there are four areas that distinguish our donor-advised fund program:

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Integrated Personal Service

  • Dedicated, experienced advisor

  • Service integrated with other accounts

  • Simple grant request process

  • Online and mobile account access

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  • Administrative services provider with $20B+ in assets under supervision
    (Fiduciary Trust Company)

  • Charitable advice integrated with wealth planning

  • Conversions to donor-advised funds

  • Giving strategy and measurement

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Flexibility and Innovation

  • Tailored investment approach with a broad universe of options

  • Accept a variety of illiquid assets

  • International grant capability

  • Custom DAF features available

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Sustainable Practices

  • Sustainable investment options

  • Low carbon impact initiatives

  • “Positive Philanthropy Pledge”

  • Independent board and auditors

For more information on how Fiduciary Trust Charitable can help you achieve your philanthropic goals, please contact Todd Eckler at 617-292-6766 or teckler@fiduciary-trust.com.