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Overview for
Investment Advisors

Donor-advised funds' (DAFs') role in charitable giving has grown dramatically over the past decade, making DAFs an important offering for investment advisors to provide to their clients.  At Fiduciary Trust Charitable, we have a flexible DAF offering through which approved investment advisors can provide tailored investment management services for DAFs established by their clients. The investment advisors manage the donor relationships and are compensated for their investment management services.

There are four areas that distinguish Fiduciary Trust Charitable in partnering with professional investment advisors:​

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​Integrated Personal Service
  • Investment advisor serviced by experienced professionals

  • Service integrated with DAF and other accounts at our custodian, Fiduciary Trust Company

  • Simple grant request process

  • Online and mobile account access

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  • Administrative services provider (Fiduciary Trust Company) with $20B+ in assets under supervision and experience working with over 100 RIAs

  • Conversions of private foundations to donor-advised funds

  • Giving strategy and measurement available through philanthropic consulting partners

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​Flexibility and Innovation
  • Tailored investment approach with a broad universe of options

  • Accept a variety of illiquid assets

  • International grant capability

  • Custom DAF features available

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Sustainable Practices​
  • Sustainable investment options - advisors may provide their own custom strategies, or they may private label ESG Integrated Portfolios we have available

  • Low carbon impact initiatives

  • “Positive Philanthropy Pledge”

  • Independent board and auditors

To learn more about how Fiduciary Trust Charitable can help you meet your clients' donor-advised fund needs, please contact Todd Eckler at 617-292-6766 or

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