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Client Examples

Fiduciary Trust Charitable has experience working with a variety of donor types as well as a range of donor requests. Below are some examples of how we have helped donors further their charitable interests through our donor-advised fund program. 

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Individuals and Families

  • Helped a donor develop a lifetime and legacy charitable giving strategy which included their DAF being the beneficiary of her trust with family members providing grant recommendations after the donor passed

  • Worked with a donor to determine the appropriate timing to contribute highly appreciated shares of a recent IPO to help maximize the DAF funds available for charitable purposes

  • Created custom reporting for donors moving donor-advised funds from another provider so they could maintain a view of their giving history before and after moving to FT Charitable

  • Enabled donors to implement “charitable gift bunching” strategies which increased tax deductibility of charitable giving over multiple years

  • Advised donors on the design and implementation of a custom successor charitable advisor and distribution plans in the event successor advisors are unable to serve

  • Helped donors establish a DAF as the beneficiary of their IRAs


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Nonprofits and Businesses

  • Helped a private foundation managed by sibling trustees to convert to multiple donor-advised funds, eliminating the cost and complexity of operating the foundation

  • Created a special “restricted” donor-advised fund to enable a restricted-purpose public charity to convert to a donor-advised fund. Our work in this area earned us an industry Stevie Award®

  • Facilitated a letter of understanding for a multi-year grant from a DAF to enable a construction project for a nonprofit

  • Worked with a dissolving religious organization’s legal counsel to go through a process with the state attorney general’s office to convert to a donor-advised fund

  • Established a corporate donor-advised fund for a closely-held business to facilitate long-term corporate charitable giving 

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