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Fiduciary Trust Charitable Named an Award Finalist

BOSTON September 4, 2018– Fiduciary Trust Charitable, an independent public charity, is honored to be a finalist for a Family Wealth Alliance award in the Noteworthy Newcomer category. This recognizes the organization's donor-advised fund program which combines with tax advantages of donor-advised funds with the guidance of a financial advisor and a tailored investment approach. 

On a related front, Fiduciary Trust Company, which serves as the administrative services provider for FT Charitable, was also named an awards finalist by for its activities supporting FT Charitable's donor-advised funds program. 


Fiduciary Trust Charitable partners with financial advisors to provide donors with tax-efficient vehicles to support their philanthropic goals. Donors can benefit from financial advisors’ customized investment and philanthropic planning advice as well as the general tax and flexibility advantages of donor-advised funds. Among the general benefits of donor-advised funds, donors receive an immediate income-tax deduction in the year a contribution is made, while distributions to IRS-qualified charitable organizations can be made over time based on the donor’s recommendations. Donor-advised funds can be funded with assets from taxable accounts, trusts, private foundations and other donor-advised funds.


For information on Fiduciary Trust Charitable’s donor-advised funds, please contact Todd Eckler at 617-574-3425 or or visit


About Fiduciary Trust Charitable


Established in 1990, Fiduciary Trust Charitable is an independent, 501(c)(3) public charity offering donor-advised funds and related services. The organization partners with a growing number of financial advisors who manage assets for each donor, taking into account the donor’s recommendations and Fiduciary Trust Charitable’s investment policy. This enables a more customized investment management approach and personalized service relative to many donor-advised fund programs. 


Media Contact
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