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Fiduciary Trust Charitable (FT Charitable) recognizes that many donors want a personalized approach, including the support of a financial advisor, as they pursue charitable giving with a donor-advised fund. Therefore, we have established a flexible, donor-advised fund offering that includes personal engagement from a financial advisor. Donors can work with an investment officer from FT Charitable’s investment manager, Fiduciary Trust Company, or a financial advisor from a growing list of other firms that are approved by FT Charitable. The benefits of working with FT Charitable include:


A donor may request which financial advisor will manage their donor-advised fund (financial advisory firms must be approved by FT Charitable). Donors can benefit from the donor-advised fund they establish being managed and supported by the same financial advisor as their other accounts. This also includes consistent statement formats and online information. If you do not have a financial advisor, we can introduce you to one who is well qualified to meet your needs.


Based on understanding the goals and time horizon of the donor-advised fund, the donor’s investment preferences, and the financial advisor’s investment process, a tailored investment approach is developed for each donor’s fund. This is distinct from many other donor-advised funds that have a limited set of investment options. Investment choices are subject to FT Charitable’s investment policy.


Many of the financial advisors working through FT Charitable will collaborate with a donor to establish the objectives of the donor-advised fund, both in terms of the near- and long-term charitable mission as well as whether and how to involve other family members in grant and investment recommendations. If the client desires, this may include organizing periodic family meetings to discuss recommendations. Donors should discuss what level of charitable planning support is available with their financial advisor.